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  • Welcome to my blog!

    I am so glad you are here! I really am. I hope you like it here. I hope you find that I really strive to create beautiful, timeless, precise representation of you and your family through my work.

    I am an experienced photographer serves Central Minnesota and beyond. I have a studio in downtown Alexandria, MN as well as provide on location photography. I offer photography for families, children and newborns, grads, business and boudoir.

    One of the best compliments I can receive besides, "Have you been getting younger? You look fantastic" :) is, "You captured us so perfectly". The other best compliment is when you tell your friends about my work. It truly is my honor. I am so blessed you choose me as your storyteller through photography.

    I love it when loving, awesome, positive comments are posted on my don't be shy. Enjoy.

Everyone say “hey” to Sarah! Yes, you can….just post it in the comments below! 🙂

I love it when seniors know what they want from their session, her and her mom drove here from Olivia. I really love that affirmation! So thank you, ladies!

Also, Sarah appeared to be a pro, like she has a photo session every other week. So maybe she should. 🙂

One of my favs from her session!

Congratulations on your graduation, Sarah! I hope you had a great senior year and can’t wait to see what is in store for you!

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The front of our refrigerator and calendar are get filled up for all the grad parties…which means bring on the little, itty-bitty ham sandwiches! Actually that is from my graduation party days many years ago; potato salad, sheet cake and little, pastel pillow mints. The makings of a midwestern grad party circa 1991.

This is Miss Katelyn, or as I call her Katie. I just love this girl. She is so funny and has so much love for life, and as she should. Many years ago she was involved in an ATV accident and obtained a traumatic brain injury. She was flown out from the scene and was in the hospital in the Twin Cities for many weeks not knowing what was in store for her and if she would even make it. She is a strong, strong, feisty woman, this and her faith, and loving support of her family, friends and amazing medical team she is here, flourishing and about to graduate high school! God is good!

We were pleasantly entertained by the couple who pulled their car over to dance in the parking lot. They were so cute, and I am guessing a little tipsy, it was the same weekend and right at the time the Carlos Creek Grape Stomp was ending. :O

There was no playing around with that light. That my friends is a late pink sunset that just can’t be replicated or ignored. Neither can that cutie Katie!

I hope your senior year was amazing! I am so excited to see what is in store for you. Love you Katie girl!

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I know you are probably thinking…September? Yes. September because that is basically the next session available to book your family session with me. I think there may be one or two in June yet, but July and August are booked. But truth be told, I love shooting in September the best. It still looks and feels (sometimes) like summer and yet a hint of fall.

Here is a cute family who I have the pleasure of photographing a few times now. But this day in September…almost didn’t happen. We raced to get the session done between kids activities and the huge rain storm that was coming, and actually started during the session. What does that mean…we got a ton of really great images, in a short time. Win/win. Right?

I love this….it usually gets giggles, maybe a couple eye rolls, but always a great memory captured.

Make sure you call me soon, very soon to schedule your session. Soon. Really soon. I mean it.

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Summer. Shoeless and full of sand and near the water. It is really all anyone wants in the summer am I right?

Charlie and Ryan have it down pat. I just love this session so much. I love we still got those “look at the camera shots” and the “everything in between” shots. Those, are honestly my favorite. Those are the story of your life. I know it may seem strange to have a professional photographer take photos of your kids’ messy faces from ice cream, or soaked hair from the best splashes from the lake or pool. But when you kids are all grown up, it is amazing how much you will forget about the every day things like that. I know it is a different time because everyone has a camera with them at all times, but an iPhone can only do so much. So when you are thinking about your family sessions, let’s do the posed, and then get over it quickly and move on the fun stuff!

Oh give me all the big, squinty, trying-so-hard smiles.

I would love to tell you what is going on here….but I have no idea. 🙂

Or here…what the what? But it is just so good.

And then there was ice cream treats. Oh yes.

And their mom is my dental hygienist. So to me, this is totally hilarious!

I am pretty sure that is exactly how I look at ice cream too.

And then…..there was an airplane!!! I still laugh thinking about this! It is a such a hard thing for me on sessions….I sometimes find myself just laughing and not snapping photos. I am so lost in the moment, then I pull it together and do my job.


I have only a few spots in September, which honestly is my favorite month to shoot. It still looks and feels like summer for the most part, but there is hints of fall. But…that is what I have left on my schedule. So if you are thinking you want your family’s memories documented with me, please, please call soon. I hate to tell people that I am booked and can’t fit them in. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Smiling is my favorite – Buddy the Elf.

Seriously, Hannah has one of the best smiles around. So infectious! I couldn’t help to smile and laugh when hanging out with her and her momma at her senior session last summer.

Oh that sunflower field and friendly farmers who share it with grateful photographers. <3

I have to say most photographers are so respectful to property mostly because we want whatever it is in the shot…to be honest. But we respect beauty, so therefore most of us leave property just as we found it. And this is important, even if you aren’t a professional photographer….don’t damage property, nature, or anything to get the shot, after the shot and at any time of the shot. Just ask my clients, they will tell you how I tell them to watch where they step, don’t knock anything down, don’t break anything. Please, please, please respect nature. Ok…stepping off my soapbox now.

Summer….it is coming. I know it just snowed yesterday, but today I sat on the patio and had my lunch sitting in the glorious sun!

I need to tell you, that I only have two August sessions left. September and October have a few openings yet. But my summer is almost booked. Not just for seniors…but families too. I am a higher volume photographer, but I do have a limit per week and things booked up super fast this year. I would not wait to schedule your session. It will be gone soon!

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