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making sessions work.

I know, you finally talked your hubby into a family session. Now tell him this (and mean it):

“It will be fun. She isn’t going to make us all “posey”, and tilt our heads three degrees to the left. She is going to start with us slightly posed….super casual. Like us sitting on a blanket, or standing in a group. She will do that a couple more variations, but she moves really fast so the kids won’t get bored. Then she will take the kids one by one and take their photo, but she is really good with kids and makes them laugh so they don’t even realize they are doing what they are told to do. She also bribes them a little with Smarties. She says it works like a charm. Then when she gets those done, she will let the kids play a little while she takes our photo….yes, I know, yes she will take OUR photo. She said it will be quick, the kids help make us laugh and we get to get close (then wink at him just a little). After that, she will have us play with the kids. She said we can pretend like she is not there. So we can bring our favorite toy, a ball or kite or something. She will capture us playing, laughing, hugging, and when she says for us NOT to look at the camera, she means it. Ok? And she says the kids always have fun and even ask her to come home with them or if they can take her to Dairy Queen when the session is done. Yeah, I guess it happens a lot she said. So she must be pretty fun and cool. 🙂 She also said to think about what we should do about that naked wall over there. Like a Gallery Canvas Collection or something. Yeah, it is a bunch of canvases from our session. I saw photos on her site, it looks really cool.”

So, just like that you have laid the ground work for the makings of a great session. Get dad on board. And those mid-teens, they need a little pep talk too.