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Leap and your mom may not follow… | Alexandria, MN Photographer

I just love this family. I seriously hard core belly laugh whenever we do a session. It has been so bad that I will have tears, probably snot, and laughing until I can’t breathe let alone take a photo! Good times. That is the best way to end a session, either sandy toes from the beach, or cheek aches from laughing so hard, bonus points for both!

Seriously, little Griffin kills me.

These are my favorite. Hanging out where they love with true and honest laughs and smiles.

For many years, I have always asked my clients to end their sessions with a plunge in the lake. Some take me up on it, and some actually request it! So, when Mom asked, I was thrilled! YES!!! Let’s freakin’ do it!

Everyone lines up, and sweet talks Griffin to take part. He is a little reluctant, but Dad and Mom assured they would get him.

I was nervous thinking Griffin wasn’t going to do it.

1, 2, 3!!!

Ellie, Mac, Will are already in the air!

And they are off….except Mom!

At this point I am dying laughing when I see Griffin’s face and Jen’s reaction! She thought he wasn’t going to jump so she didn’t. Leap and your mom may not follow!

Then the soaking wet kids saw a perfectly dry mom and paybacks were about to happen.

In you go MOM!!!!!

They all decided to do it again…

…except for Dad and Griffin!

Sorry Jen! I just loved this so much. Honestly way better than if you all did jump at the same time. I still laugh just thinking about it!


If you are wanting summer family photos with me, I would book soon. I am booked until September, but September is still very much summer!

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