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about me.

People who have known me my whole life or much of it call me Jenny. People who have met me more recent call me Jen. People who don’t know me at all or not sure what to call me, call me Jennifer. So….Jen or Jenny is just fine with me. Except for my momma and grandmas, they need to call me Jenny, because it just isn’t right any other way.

I was born and raised most of my life right here in Alexandria, MN. For those who weren’t, it is called ‘Alec’ not ‘Alex’. Just to set the record straight. Only for two years during my middle school years I lived in Virginia and whenever I come in contact any one with even the slightest southern drawl, I revert to saying things like “ya’ll” and “I am fixin’ to get me…..”, just kidding, I have never, ever said that.

I am married to a kind and cute guy named Kevin who I met in high school.

We have two amazing adult daughters, Kalee & Danika, that is baffling to me as we are sooooo incredibly young. 😉

We have a funny and quirky dog named Bodee that I SnapChat about far too much.

I, as you would think, am creative. Which also means I like to do many crafty things usually at the same time. That doesn’t always work that well. It is how a lot of creatives roll.

I like to laugh and many, many times my laugh gets recognized in the grocery store or anywhere in a five block radius. I am not sure I like that fact…but it is a fact.


Photo credit goes to my friend Stacy Kron.