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  • Welcome to my blog!

    I am so glad you are here! I really am. I hope you like it here. I hope you find that I really strive to create beautiful, timeless, precise representation of you and your family through my work.

    One of the best compliments I can receive besides, "Have you been getting younger? You look fantastic" :) is, "You captured us so perfectly". The other best compliment is when you tell your friends about my work. It truly is my honor. I am so blessed you choose me as your storyteller through photography.

    I love it when loving, awesome, positive comments are posted on my don't be shy. Enjoy.

I loved Macyn’s session. The beautiful late bit of fall, chill in the air…perfect so I don’t become a sweaty mess, however there was a whole bunch of wind.

We started downtown to shield from the crazy wind…or so we thought.

And the wind found Macyn!!!!!

One of my favs.

Working on my inner hipster. 😉

Why not make the wind work for us with her long hair!


Ok, wait….this one is a favorite too. Perfectly moody.

Thank you Macyn!!!!

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Well….most people who have to ride them to school don’t really love them. Honestly. But me as a photographer, will safely slam on the brakes and turn into a parking lot with one that just look like it was begging to be a backdrop. More on that later.

Here is Danielle from her senior session back in September, which really is one if not my favorite time of the year to do sessions. The light is unbelievable. More on that later as well.

We started her session at the studio as she wanted to incorporate her sport in her session. That and a lot of volleyballs!

Stopping traffic lookin’ so good.

See, you agree…it was worth a little mild whiplash to get this kind of cool shot. Ok….stretching here, no whiplash happened. I just like to be dramatic, it makes for better reading.

And here is that September light and a sun shower. Those little dots are rain drops that lasted for about 21 seconds. Yes, I counted. No….I didn’t, I am being dramatic again.

Thank you Danielle!!! Congratulations…you are almost done with high school!!!! AHHHHHHH!

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Sure there were a few snowflakes flying a little bit today. It is still April. In Minnesota. That is what it does. So I thought I would be safe to post a little “snowy” session from Miss Grace’s  4 year photos.

I know what you are saying. Yes, she is too darn cute. I agree. 

Just a little sass is a good, good thing.

And so is a happy dance!!!

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Right now every high school senior in America knows exactly how many days they have left until graduation. AKA the senior slide. Maybe some have hit that a semester ago…any way. I would just like to tell you seniors…ENJOY it! This is the time of your life. School is FREE, and sorta easy in comparative to college or real life. I am not saying it is all down hill from here by any means, but it is a wonderful time in your life. Do not take that for granted.

So…onto Austin’s senior session from last fall. Seriously I loved hanging out with him…he is just too much fun. Such a great personality and great style! He nailed it on his clothing choices. Simple, classic with layers. Way to go Austin!



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I know it is currently snowing out, it should it is March in Minnesota! But that doesn’t mean I am not thinking/wishing it was summer. Especially that we got a little teaser of an early spring. I need to tell you, summer is coming. I know you know that…I just like to remind those current juniors and parents of juniors, that the calendar over here fills very fast. So really, I am telling you it isn’t too early to book your sessions…many are really on the ball this year and booking their sessions now.


So onto Miss Ella’s senior sessions from late last summer. It was a perfect evening, beautiful girl, with  cute clothes. Yeah me! And her!

One of my favs from her session!

Thank you Ella! I hope your senior year has been great!

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