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    I am so glad you are here! I really am. I hope you like it here. I hope you find that I really strive to create beautiful, timeless, precise representation of you and your family through my work.

    I am an experienced photographer serves Central Minnesota and beyond. I have a studio in downtown Alexandria, MN as well as provide on location photography. I offer photography for families, children and newborns, grads, business and boudoir.

    One of the best compliments I can receive besides, "Have you been getting younger? You look fantastic" :) is, "You captured us so perfectly". The other best compliment is when you tell your friends about my work. It truly is my honor. I am so blessed you choose me as your storyteller through photography.

    I love it when loving, awesome, positive comments are posted on my don't be shy. Enjoy.

I know you know that. But I have been asked that before. So silly. I think I just forget to share family sessions more than senior sessions.

But I was looking at my summer calendar and it is really getting full. I don’t say that to fake you out to book, but it really is. People are getting it; book early. With that being said, I get a fair share of clients who want “summer photos”, this is why July and August are nuts for shooting. BUT….June wants some love too! It is very much summer in June. I will give you a top seven (yeah, is just how it worked out) why having your family session in June rocks.

  1. It isn’t so freaking hot as it is in July or August. That is the best part right there. In fact I will use that for the next two points.
  2. Less heat.
  3. Less heat = less sweating. Enough said.
  4. Grass and trees are bright green! I love early colors in nature.
  5. Your schedule right after the kids get out of school isn’t so insane like the middle to end of summer before school starts back up again. Usually. I know for some of you that isn’t the case.
  6. You are on the ball for Christmas cards. I don’t know about you, but I love getting summer family Christmas cards when it is cold and snowy. Reminds me what fun summers are and to look forward to the next one.
  7. I am offering a little saving for those family sessions that book in June. All family sessions booked in June will get a $30 print credit to use toward their order. 

So onto the cute family of Eric, Amber, Tyler, and Caden. Who were cool and booked their family session the first week of June. Be like them. 🙂

Caden was a little shy. Which offers the best, sweet photos. 

He came around after a little bit.

It never fails….someone ALWAYS looks back. <3

I think Tyler would have preferred to play in the fort for the rest of the session. But I proved we would have fun.

Airplane rides and tickle fights are the best. For kids that is. For adults, it results in sprained appendages, and bladder incidents.

Ok, look past the cute little family just this once, and check out that bright green grass! Love it! I know I am a dork.

Told you he came around!

Nothing like a leg hug from your little one.

Thank you B family! You were so fun! Time to come back to update, those boys are growing like weeds I am sure. 🙂


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I am working on graduation open house cards over here! So, those 2017 JGP grads, if you haven’t gotten going on your cards it is not too early to start. In fact I would looooooove it if you would sooner than later. 🙂

John’s cards are is one of them I am working on today. So I thought I would share a little of his session from last summer.

One of my favs from his session.

Thanks John! Hope your senior year has been great!

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Hey, hey! You may think it is fine to wait until you are officially a senior to schedule your senior session, but…you may get stuck in limited dates to choose from! Again, July and August are popular months for senior sessions and I have to say they are about 3/4 booked now.

But you can win at life and be like Hannah. Hannah was on the ball booking her session about this time of the year for June. Be like Hannah. 🙂

I love the way the light bounced off the windows across the street from the studio. And I love how she rocked her sports!

I love it when seniors are up for my ideas. I just happened to have a vintage flag for just such occasions.

Gorgeous on so many levels!

I totally wore this exact same outfit to the session and felt so silly that we looked so similar, I decided to change not to make her feel awkward.


Hannah is about 5 feet taller than I am, about 20 shades tanner than I am, and 25 years younger…amid many, many other not so similarities!

Thanks Hannah and Momma Kim! It was great to work with you both! I hope your senior year is the best!

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Wait…where did February go? I was talking to a friend and it dawned on my that March was the next day. Not that I am complaining because spring is my favorite season…but man, I TOTALLY wanted to get sooooooo much more done by now. It’s that the way it always goes. Maybe I should lower my expectations. 😛

So, onto two adorable and completely fun families. They won a gift certificate I donated to a local charity fundraiser. And man we lucked out with a gorgeous really late fall evening. That light!

Honestly, when I have mom and dads get together for “their” photo…I sometimes get that look.

Them: Like, are you serious? You want us … JUST us?

Me: Duh. (ok, I don’t say that, but I am thinking that)

Maybe it’s because they have visions of their horribly awkward prom date photos flashing in their head or they forget that it started with JUST THEM. Can I get an amen? Maybe because I am an empty nester (what, the what?!!) where I know those silly kids grow up and leave your old ass to live their life. How dare they, right?! So don’t look too shocked when I shove you two love birds together for your very own moment in the spotlight.

Onto the next part of this family. <3

I don’t usually post stuff like this but I had to.

So when they arrived for their session, mom told me how her little guy had a scratch on his face and wondered if I could edit it out. I told her that most of the time, yes, as she pulled him out of his carseat, I see the longest scratch I have ever seen! Thank goodness for Photoshop!

I LOOOOOOVE smiles like this. Maybe they drive moms crazy but I think they are great. My little brother used to have this big, squinty smile like this at about this age. My mom and I cherish the photo of him at that time because it isn’t like he went onto college smiling like that … he learned to reel it in. 🙂

Then all of her sassiness came out.

And then it was gone. Just like that.

Me: Hey…go for a little walk and be cute.

Them: Yeah!

Her: Yeah!

Her: Nope. Not anymore.

Dad: Ev’ryday.

Now these are some of my favorite type of photos. I had my photographer friend take photos for us, and my one request was to do this photo. It is my favorite and I printed it on a big canvas and it hangs in my dinning room. To me it is us in art. Not all photos have to have everyone looking directly at the camera. They can tell a story and be artistic. 

I LOOOOOOOOVE comments on this blog. I hate those SPAM ones I have been getting. So please don’t be shy…comment, what are your favorite photos? What kind of photos do you want of your family?


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It is currently 51 degrees here in Minnesota….in FEBRUARY. What the lack-of-snow is going on here? I mean I am not complaining AT ALL. However, I am one of those who will clearly point out the fact we live in Minnesota and people are complaining about it snowing in April. It happens people…nothing new. But THIS….5o degrees is in fact new. I don’t mean to should flippant or even political…global warming? Hmmmm.

So as I am working on Miss Ashlyn’s order from her summer senior session. I am really getting spring fever, actually no, summer fever. And that is bad, not now, because snow will return when Mother Nature gets back to realizing it is in fact winter.

So I am sorry, not sorry for giving you a taste of summer with sharing her session. Which brings me to those juniors….NOW is the time to book to get the best dates, especially the summer dates. I am a higher volume small studio, I do shoot 4-6 sessions a week, but those dates fill really fast. Many are snatched up already. So, you should call. Now. I mean, it. 🙂

Me:  Can you see me if you look into the sun?

Her: Um…sure.

Me: Good enough. You will only be blind for a little while.

Minnesota girl, Minnesota tee. Check out Kindred People for the Sota brand and SO MUCH MORE. Seriously love those cute ladies at Kindred…especially a certain one named Danika. 🙂

 Thanks Ashlyn! I hope you have an awesome last few months of your senior year!

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