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  • Welcome to my blog!

    I am so glad you are here! I really am. I hope you like it here. I hope you find that I really strive to create beautiful, timeless, precise representation of you and your family through my work.

    I am an experienced photographer serves Central Minnesota and beyond. I have a studio in downtown Alexandria, MN as well as provide on location photography. I offer photography for families, children and newborns, grads, business and boudoir.

    One of the best compliments I can receive besides, "Have you been getting younger? You look fantastic" :) is, "You captured us so perfectly". The other best compliment is when you tell your friends about my work. It truly is my honor. I am so blessed you choose me as your storyteller through photography.

    I love it when loving, awesome, positive comments are posted on my don't be shy. Enjoy.

Little Charlie came to the studio, with her mom of course and her big bro. And she knew it was all about her. I mean it is a girl’s world, especially Charlie’s world.

Sometimes you’re happy.

Sometimes just needing a friend and a quiet moment.

Or a bribe to keep you going.

Or to show off that you can fit in a small box and prove how bendy you are.

You need a giggle with your big brother.

Or to look incredibly cute holding a toy camera contemplating taking over the photographer’s job.

Totally Charlie’s world. As it should be.

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Well, summer is ALMOST started. A few days away from the official start of summer, but I wanted to talk about autumn. Autumn sessions that is. I have very few available sessions in September and October. And if you want your session in the fall with that amazing color, clothing layers, mugs of hot cider, well, the cider will come after your session, you should call me now.

Valerie and her momma & friend came all the way from Ortonville for her senior session with me. I love that seniors take an ownership in their session as they know what it is they want. And I love that their parents support them! 🙂 Valerie did a great job on her session, clothing and a fellow tortoise shell glasses wearer, I loved it.

Thanks Valerie! I hope your senior year was great! Happy GRADUATION! I wish you the best as you head into a new chapter.

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I just love this family. I seriously hard core belly laugh whenever we do a session. It has been so bad that I will have tears, probably snot, and laughing until I can’t breathe let alone take a photo! Good times. That is the best way to end a session, either sandy toes from the beach, or cheek aches from laughing so hard, bonus points for both!

Seriously, little Griffin kills me.

These are my favorite. Hanging out where they love with true and honest laughs and smiles.

For many years, I have always asked my clients to end their sessions with a plunge in the lake. Some take me up on it, and some actually request it! So, when Mom asked, I was thrilled! YES!!! Let’s freakin’ do it!

Everyone lines up, and sweet talks Griffin to take part. He is a little reluctant, but Dad and Mom assured they would get him.

I was nervous thinking Griffin wasn’t going to do it.

1, 2, 3!!!

Ellie, Mac, Will are already in the air!

And they are off….except Mom!

At this point I am dying laughing when I see Griffin’s face and Jen’s reaction! She thought he wasn’t going to jump so she didn’t. Leap and your mom may not follow!

Then the soaking wet kids saw a perfectly dry mom and paybacks were about to happen.

In you go MOM!!!!!

They all decided to do it again…

…except for Dad and Griffin!

Sorry Jen! I just loved this so much. Honestly way better than if you all did jump at the same time. I still laugh just thinking about it!


If you are wanting summer family photos with me, I would book soon. I am booked until September, but September is still very much summer!

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Everyone say “hey” to Sarah! Yes, you can….just post it in the comments below! 🙂

I love it when seniors know what they want from their session, her and her mom drove here from Olivia. I really love that affirmation! So thank you, ladies!

Also, Sarah appeared to be a pro, like she has a photo session every other week. So maybe she should. 🙂

One of my favs from her session!

Congratulations on your graduation, Sarah! I hope you had a great senior year and can’t wait to see what is in store for you!

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The front of our refrigerator and calendar are get filled up for all the grad parties…which means bring on the little, itty-bitty ham sandwiches! Actually that is from my graduation party days many years ago; potato salad, sheet cake and little, pastel pillow mints. The makings of a midwestern grad party circa 1991.

This is Miss Katelyn, or as I call her Katie. I just love this girl. She is so funny and has so much love for life, and as she should. Many years ago she was involved in an ATV accident and obtained a traumatic brain injury. She was flown out from the scene and was in the hospital in the Twin Cities for many weeks not knowing what was in store for her and if she would even make it. She is a strong, strong, feisty woman, this and her faith, and loving support of her family, friends and amazing medical team she is here, flourishing and about to graduate high school! God is good!

We were pleasantly entertained by the couple who pulled their car over to dance in the parking lot. They were so cute, and I am guessing a little tipsy, it was the same weekend and right at the time the Carlos Creek Grape Stomp was ending. :O

There was no playing around with that light. That my friends is a late pink sunset that just can’t be replicated or ignored. Neither can that cutie Katie!

I hope your senior year was amazing! I am so excited to see what is in store for you. Love you Katie girl!

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