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  • Welcome to my blog!

    I am so glad you are here! I really am. I hope you like it here. I hope you find that I really strive to create beautiful, timeless, precise representation of you and your family through my work.

    I am an experienced photographer serves Central Minnesota and beyond. I have a studio in downtown Alexandria, MN as well as provide on location photography. I offer photography for families, children and newborns, grads, business and boudoir.

    One of the best compliments I can receive besides, "Have you been getting younger? You look fantastic" :) is, "You captured us so perfectly". The other best compliment is when you tell your friends about my work. It truly is my honor. I am so blessed you choose me as your storyteller through photography.

    I love it when loving, awesome, positive comments are posted on my don't be shy. Enjoy.

This sweet family I have had the privilege of photographing before but I also get to see them often as we are neighbors. They are so sweet. We get to chat  when we pass by on our dog walks, and I get to see two sweet girls that reminds me of my girls so much, from a distance they resemble my girls when they were little. They are around the same years between them, one long hair and one tiny pony top knot. I see them play and chase each other, little sis follows big sis closely behind. So many flashbacks…days that sometimes I wish I could go back to in my dreams. I wish that was a superpower….to visit the past. My memory isn’t always the best…which is why photos are so important to me, to jog those memories back.

Thanks neighbor friends! Your family is beautiful!


I will be slowly sharing sessions as I can. But I should tell you that fall sessions like this, get booked fast! Everyone wants that peak fall color. So if that is your goal for your family photos, I would recommend getting on my schedule really soon. There is my PSA for the day!


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Hey! This is Jack. Jack is smart, articulate, charismatic, funny, and kind. These are things I observed about him at his senior session. Since his session last summer, I have learned a few more things about him; he is ambitious, brave, passionate, focused and committed to lend his voice. He is making ripples and ripples make waves. He may be young in age, but he is wise beyond his years. Don’t discount people because they are young, they are on fire, full of energy, and don’t get discouraged easily. I would not be surprised if I find his name on a ballot in a few years.

Thanks for choosing me for your senior photos Jack. I am excited to see what is in your future!

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I really should have carried a ladder around on Justin’s senior session. Those who don’t know me, I am short. Pretty dang short. Like 5’1-1/2″ short (yes I will milk that 1/2 ” for all it’s worth). So when Justin shows up to his session all of 6′ something-er-other, I realized we were going to have to find a chair, hill, and have him sit or squat a lot. And that is just what we did!

Thanks Justin! I hope you are having a great senior year!

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You would think since you want book your senior photo session when it is about 60 degrees warmer than it is right now, it is too early to book. Well, you would be mistaken. Dates are booking up already, especially those popular July, August, and September sessions.

Here is Emma. Her mom wanted to incorporate her many years of dance in one photo. And honestly I LOVE the way this turned out. The soft colors, the sweetness of it all I just love.

I told her, but I will remind her again…do not ever touch the color of your hair. It is perfect. People pay so much money for color that awesome!

Looking off to the side and laughing might feel weird at the time…but look how cute this is!

I love this outfit. I love that the shirt she picked and her jewelry play off the same pattern and texture. Good job, girl!

Emma….I hope your senior year has been a blast! Thank you for choosing me for your senior photos.

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This is my Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday sale all rolled into one. I am making things really simple this year, that is why I am calling it Simple Savings. You save, it is that simple. (keep scrolling to the bottom for the details).
Use this link HERE to get your gift certificate savings!
On the Simple Savings register and type in your information to reserve a savings. I will be in touch with you next week to make arrangements and payments for your selected gift certificate amount.

Happy savings!


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